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About Concrete Finishing in Round Rock TX

Concrete finishing is creating a concrete surface of a desired texture and hardness. Concrete finishing can be strictly functional or decorative as well. When concrete finishing, the final texture, hardness and joint pattern depends on the concrete's end use. With exterior concrete slab finishing, you should provide a texture that will not be slippery when wet.

Round Rock TX Concrete Finish Types
Concrete paving and floors can be finished with pattern-stamped, broomed, troweled, exposed aggregate, salt-finished, sand-blasted, or many other visually appealing textures. Cast-in-place, precast and tilt-up structures can be textured with sand-blasting, bushhammering, grinding, polishing, special forms or form liners. The combinations and possibilities are endless. Below are few more detailed examples of concrete finish types:
Stamped Concrete Finish
A powder release agent or plastic sheet is placed on the concrete surface after floating. Special stamping tools are pressed into the concrete to create a pattern and then removed. Follow recommendations of stamping tool manufacturer.
Exposed Aggregate Concrete Finish
Aggregate is exposed by "seeding" the fresh concrete with aggregate. Or aggregate can be exposed by removing the surface cement "paste" by using a high-pressure water wash, sand blasting, grinding, bushhammering, or spraying a surface set-retarding compound. Exposure level can vary from barely revealing fine aggregate ("brush") or up to 1/3 the diameter of coarse aggregate ("heavy"). Aggregates can be colored or sparkling, fractured or smooth.
Salt Finish Concrete Finish
Rock salt is pressed into the surface after finishing. After 24 hours, the salt is washed away with water and a brush leaving nice surface finish.
Broomed Concrete Finish
Made by pulling special brooms across stiff, freshly floated or troweled surface. For variety, broom texture can be heavy or light, and in straight or wavy lines.

Concrete Finishing Tips
Don't drive on a new concrete finishing for at least seven days Owners should not use salt on their concrete finishing during the first winter.

Round Rock TX Concrete Finishing Curing
Curing for concrete finishing is one of the most important steps in concrete construction however, it's one of the most neglected. Hydration is the chemical reaction of water with the concrete mix. It's what hardens the concrete and helps give it strength. Effective curing is absolutely essential for strength and resistance to freeze and thaw cycles. Protection against freeze and thaw cycles will length the life of your concrete finishing. When curing concrete in warm weather it is important to keep the concrete moist for a minimum of 3 days but a suggested 7 days. When curing concrete in the wintertime you must protect your concrete finishing from freezing. it also helps to keep the forms on as long as possible.

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